Sweet Leaf Beef from McCutchen Farms

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Sweet Leaf Beef                                                                                    

McCutchen Grass Fed Beef is located in Kingstree, South Carolina. We are a family farm that has been in the McCutchen family for over 80 years.   The owner, R.B. McCutchen along with his wife Debbie and their two sons Travis and Jason run the farm.


Our philosophy in raising beef is simple. We believe nature’s way is the best way and therefore, our beef graze on natural grass and are never given steroids or antibiotics. Studies have shown that beef raised on pasture is healthier than beef raised in an artificial environment.

 Our beef is processed at a local USDA Inspected facility in Kingstree, SC.  Grass Fed Beef can be purchased in many different ways. Buyers can buy as little as 5 pounds or take the beef in whole, 1/2, or, 1/4 sides.  We are also working with local restaurants in South Carolina to serve Grass Fed Beef on their menus. 

Our beef is processed in a USDA Inspected facility and that gives our customers the assurance that our products are packaged under strict government guidelines. Also, our beef has to travel only a short distance from the farm to the facility, and it is a commonly accepted idea that it is more desirable for beef to have as little transit time as possible. Packaging options exist and pricing is available on the Price List page. 

On our Grass Fed Beef page you can learn about all the benefits of eating Grass fed beef verses grain fed beef. 

Thank you for your interest in our Grass Fed Beef.

The McCutchen Family








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